Bridge Alliance Partners

Inspired by the Øresund Bridge linking Denmark and Sweden,

we aim to become a reliable and multipurpose bridge between startups and investors alike.

Key Facts & Figures

Cummulative no. of companies
BA Partners have invested in

Accumulated fund commitment 

Multiple of our average exit to date by our partners

Average IRR of exits by our partners

Our history

2017. 04. 06

2017. 06. 09

2019. 05. 09

2019. 06. 05

2019. 12. 12

2019. 12. 19

2020. 01. 15


Launched BAP New Technology Fund #1 (Key LPs: KVIC, NHN Inv. Partners)

Launched Project BAP Unicorn Fund #1

Launched BAP First Penguin Fund #2  (Key LPs: KVIC, NHN Inv. Partners)

Sunam KOSDAQ technical evaluation passed

MEdㆍPACTO listed on the KOSDAQ

Registered as PEF

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